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An insect is able to walk across the surface of a pond without sinking because of the?

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Which of these is a major trend in land plant evolution? a) the trend toward smaller size b) the trend toward a gametophyte-dominated life cycle c) the trend toward a sporophyte-dominated life cycle d) the trend toward larger gametophytes
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Be in this im starting a with you so if you want you can get a partner for this. but basically im going to assign you guys a biome and you have to have a big sheet paper and you will turn it into 4 squares. the top right square is will be a drawing square for a drawing you will make of your biome. the top left square is about the biomes plants and drawings of them. the bottom left square is about the biomes animals. the bottem rights square is about the description of the biome. leave a comment or an answer and i will assign biomes. if your request one thats the one you get. send me a link to the project and i will grade ! im not a teacher btw.
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Pick one of the diseases and briefly describe what organelle or cell structures is being affect and what symptoms might be associated with that disease
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Which of the following lists the typical steps of the scientific method in the correct order?
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An insect is able to walk across the surface of a pond without sinking because of the?...
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