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Female mosquitoes spread diseases when they bite humans to obtain blood. it is only
the females that do the biting. research is being conducted to alter the dna of male
mosquitoes. these altered males could then mate with normal female mosquitoes. all of
the resulting female offspring would have wing defects that prevent them from flying.
-- one assumption from this research is that the
(1) altered males would begin to bite humans and spread the diseases
(2) female offspring would be unable to bite humans, since they cannot fly
(3) altered males would not be able to reproduce
(4) female offspring would become larger in size
-- the method used to alter the male mosquitoes is an example of an application of
(1) a feedback mechanism (3) biotechnology
(2) selective breeding (4) physiology

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Female mosquitoes spread diseases when they bite humans to obtain blood. it is only
the female...
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