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How do humans cause ecological issues in ecosystems?

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Aflashlight produces light using energy from the batteries. in which order does the energy change form? a. from chemical to electric to light energy b. from electric to light to chemical energy c. from electric to chemical to light energy d. from light to electric to chemical energy
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Which of the following can be reduced by the use of renewable energy sources? a. social costs b. economic costs c. environmental costs d. all of the above select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d
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Why do leaves change color in the fall? green pigments break down and no longer mask the color of chlorophyll. chlorophyll breaks down and no longer masks the colors of other pigments. red- and yellow-colored pigments grow and mask green-colored chlorophyll. green-colored chlorophyll breaks down and turns red and yellow.
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Cattle with brown fur and cattle with white fur will produce a reddish roan calf . when examined closely, the calf show about an even number of brown hairs and white hairs that give a reddish appearance when viewed from far away. the fact that both the brown fur allele and the white fur allele are expressed equally in the offspring is an example of
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How do humans cause ecological issues in ecosystems?...
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