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How would the cryosphere effect the water cycle

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The energy of blowing wind can be harnessed to create electricity. why is wind considered a renewable energy source? a) wind does not cause destruction of the environment.b) wind turns the blades of a windmill that creates electricity.c) wind provides only a very small amount of electricity to the united states.d) wind comes from atmospheric conditions that are available indefinitely.
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Compare action potential frequency in a temperature sensative sensory neuron exposed to warm water and then hot water
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Arepair man charged $93.06 the price included 2 hours of labor and 40 service charge how much does the repairmen charge per hour for labor?
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You have just sequenced a new protein found in mice and observe that sulfur-containing cysteine residues occur at regular intervals. what is the significance of this finding? it will be important to include cysteine in the diet of the mice. cysteine residues are required for the formation of Ξ± helices and Ξ² pleated sheets. cysteine residues are involved in disulfide bridges that form tertiary structure. cysteine causes bends, or angles, to occur in the tertiary structure of proteins.
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How would the cryosphere effect the water cycle...
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