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Removing plants or animals from their ecosystem:

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Which of the following are energy solutions that release pollution into the air>
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How can you keep track of variables in a science experiment?
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Read the following scenario to answer the following question. in some zoos, rare crosses between a male lion and a female tiger have produced hybrid offspring called "ligers." male ligers are sterile but some female ligers are fertile. in the wild, lion and tiger ranges do not naturally overlap, making such a cross unlikely. furthermore, the solitary behavior of tigers and the social organizations of lions create behavioral differences. applying the biological species concept, the sterility of ligers reveals that a. lions are probably a subspecies of tigers b. tigers and lions are the same species c. a new species called "ligers" is forming d. tigers and lions are separate species
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Play the role of a carbon atom in an ecosystem. start with production, how are you made?
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Removing plants or animals from their ecosystem:...
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