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The evolution of tropical grasslands gave rise to three unique types namely. * A. Climatic, Edaphic and Derived types

B. Thermal, Edaphic and Derived types

C. Edaphic, Pure and Derived types

D. Environmental, Cultural and Derived types

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Read the following scenario to answer the following question. over the past 60 years, many amphibian species have experienced significant population declines, and some species have become extinct. scientists suspected that local human activities such as the destruction of wetlands, regional pollution, and deforestation were the main reasons for these losses. however, research over the past 20 years reveals significant amphibian population declines in protected areas of the world, such as nature preserves and parks. these global declines suggest widespread problems including increased ultraviolet radiation, acid rain, and disease. in switzerland, for example, 14 of the 20 native amphibian species are threatened with extinction. when most populations of a wide-ranging amphibian species are lost and the few remaining populations are widely separated, we expect to see that a. the founder effect becomes increasingly important b. microevolution no longer occurs c. gene flow between populations is reduced d. artificial selection becomes a greater factor in microevolution
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Nerve cells are specialized to respond to stimulitrue or false?
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Why did rutherford say that bombarding atoms with particles was like "playing with marbles" what
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Individuals do not compete directly for resources, but are prey for the same predator
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The evolution of tropical grasslands gave rise to three unique types namely. * A. Climatic, Edaphi...
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