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The gas in the ozonosphere that absorbs most of the ultraviolet rays from the sun is the__. A. Oxygen
B. Ozone
C. Carbon Dioxide
D. Nitrogen

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Yโ€™all i need answers plss people are saying me and my brother look alike although weโ€™re two different ages. one year apart iโ€™m a girl, btw iโ€™m thinking we could be fraternal twins idk my parents and my friends think we look alike
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Experiments in environmental toxicology can sometimes be manipulative experiments in which the researcher actively chooses and manipulates the independent variable. in hunt's study, for example, dosages of bpa were manipulated and the effects were measured. in manipulative studies, the researcher controls all the other variables in the experiment, so any health effects observed in the test subjects can be attributed to differences in the independent variable. in other cases, researchers use natural experiments in which the dependent variable (typically a measure of organism health) is measured under differing contexts that are not manipulated. say, for example, that an accidental chemical spill contaminates five ponds. to determine the possible effects of the toxic chemical on frogs, a researcher could compare the hatching rate of frog eggs laid in those five ponds to the hatching rate of eggs laid in five uncontaminated ponds nearby. this would be an example of a natural experiment because concentrations of the toxic chemical in the ponds were not controlled by the experimenter, but rather resulted from the chemical spill. drag type of experiment on the left to the example of experiment on the right. blood concentrations of bpa in college students are compared to their recent manipulative consumption of canned food items 2. the feeding behavior of fish in streams that receive acidic runoff from strip mines is compared to the feeding behavior of fish in unaffected streams. the deformity rate in baby birds from nests in pesticide-sprayed fields is compared to the deformity rate in birds from nests in unsprayed fields 4 tumor development is compared in mice exposed to five dosages of a known carcinogen in the laboratory foraging activity levels are compared in tadpoles exposed to four concentrations of toxic metals in the laboratory. growth of corn plants is compared in field plots sprayed with three different dosage: s of weed killer 7 bpa concentrations in the urine of people with diabetes are compared to bpa concentrations in the urine of people without diabetes - natural; manipulative
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Anurse is in the dining room and overhears a new nurse tell a client with body dysmorphic disorder that she's much too thin and must eat more before she can go home. the client bursts into tears and runs out of the dining room. what is the best way for the nurse to address this situation?
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Which is the graph of the piecewise function f(x)? f(x) = image for option 1 image for option 2 image for option 3 image for option 4
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The gas in the ozonosphere that absorbs most of the ultraviolet rays from the sun is the__. A. Oxy...
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