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The is the sum of all genetic information carried by the members of a population. a)gene flow b)genetic drift c)gene pool d)all of the above

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Which mantle is under the crust the upper mantle or the lower mantle i think it's upper let me know if i'm right
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What is the "great pacific garbage patch"? a large area of marine debris concentrated by rotating ocean currents a large area around the pacific rim where debris collects from natural disasters such as tsunamis an area in the pacific ocean where trash is intentionally dumped due to lack of landfill availability a large trash dump located in hawaii
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Chinese privet is a plant that is native to china. over 150 years ago, chinese privet was introduced to the united states as a fast-growing shrub that serves as an excellent privacy hedge. with no natural herbivore, chinese privet quickly established itself and spread in natural areas throughout the southeast and eastern seaboard of the united states. its dominance in these areas has jeopardized the survival of native plant species. chinese privet provides evidence that introducing non-native organisms can cause environmental damage integrated pest management strategies will not decrease chinese privet populations american gardeners can easily control the spread of chinese privet non-native plant species have type i survivorship curves
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What are antigens and antibodies? how are they involved in the body’s response to incompatible blood?
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The is the sum of all genetic information carried by the members of a population. a)gene flow b)gen...
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