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What is an example of negative feedback system? ( explain)

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Apair of fruit flies reproduces and has 1,000 offspring. all 1,000 of the offspring have the alleles gg. what is the most likely combination of alleles for each parent
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Anurse is in the dining room and overhears a new nurse tell a client with body dysmorphic disorder that she's much too thin and must eat more before she can go home. the client bursts into tears and runs out of the dining room. what is the best way for the nurse to address this situation?
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Both male and female gametes are created during the process of meiosis. the formation of male gametes is called spermatogenesis. after telophase il of spermatogenesis, there would be are all genetically male gametes created that
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What amount of heat is exchanged when 106.2 grams of substance y goes from a liquid at 35 degrees
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What is an example of negative feedback system? ( explain)...
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