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What is an example of negative feedback system? ( explain)

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Which class of molecules contains the amino group, nh2 (a) sugars (b) water (c) proteins (d) hydrocarbons
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15 ! come and answer! a(n) is the general term for an infectious disease that has spread across a city, region, or country.
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'which of these statements about the scientific method is not true? all experiments must follow the same number of steps in the procedure. experiments may be repeated several times. some unexpected results can be beneficial. experimental results may or may not support the hypothesis.
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Agroup of students were investigating the force of gravity. they began by dropping a foam ball from a height of 3 meters into a bucket of sand. the ball hit the sand in 0.306 seconds. they dropped additional balls of approximately the same diameter, but of different masses. here is the data they collected. based on this experiment and the collected data, what would their conclusion be?
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What is an example of negative feedback system? ( explain)...
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