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What is the group of tissues working together to do a job

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Always use significant figure rules. remember that these rules apply to all numbers that are measurements. if a vector that is 3 cm long represents 30 km/h, what velocity does a 5 cm long vector which is drawn using the same scale represent? a.100 km/h b.60km/h c.50km/h
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The allele for curly hair is incompletely dominant. if a mother is homozygous for curly hair and the father is homozygous for straight hair, what percentage of the offspring will exhibit characteristics of both parents? 25 percent 50 percent 75 percent 100 percent
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All individuals have two alleles for a given trait. according to mendel's these alleles are passed down one each from both mother and father.
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African penguins, which inhabit the coasts of southern africa, were classified as an endangered species in 2010. two significant threats to their survival are ecosystem damage from oil spills and overfishing by humans. overfishing depletes the food supply of african penguins. the best method to reduce the threat of overfishing would be to . the risk of oil spills could be reduced by increasing the use of , which should oil consumption. if an oil spill does occur, could be used to remove the oil so the ecosystem may more quickly recover.
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What is the group of tissues working together to do a job...
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