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What is the solution to the problems caused by cell growth

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How did the miller-urey experiment impact the way scientists think about the origins of life? use what you know about the miller-urey experiments to discuss the factors needed for life to arise, and speculate on whether life could arise on another planet.
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Mr. olajuwan was in a horrific snowmobile accident. afterwards he had trouble walking and he had a loss of balance. which of the 4 major brain region was probably demaged
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Multicellular organisms use cell division, mitosis, for growth and the maintenance and repair of cells and tissues. single-celled organisms may use cell division as their method of reproduction. regardless of the reason for mitosis, the process ensures genetic continuity. what is the step in the cell cycle that ensure genetic continuity?
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Which of these processes species become more diverse
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What is the solution to the problems caused by cell growth...
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