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An example of a frictionally unemployed individual is a. sylvia, who quit her job to spend more time with her children b. rod, the lifeguard, who cannot find a job because the temperature is too low in october c. ileana, a college student who quits her job to return to school d. steve, an individual does not have skills to keep his job as an aerospace engineer e. samantha, who quits her job to look for better one

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Barbara jones opened barb’s book business on february 1, 2010. the company specilizes in editing accounting textbooks. you have been hired as manager. your duties include maintaining the company’s financial records. the following transactions occurred in february , the first month of operations. a. received shareholders' cash contributions on february 1 totaling $16,000 to form the corporation; issued 1,000 shares of common stock. b. paid $2,400 cash on february 2 for three months' rent for office space. tip: for convenience, simply record the full amount of the payment as an asset (prepaid rent). at the end of the month, this account will be adjusted to its proper balance. c. purchased and received supplies on february 3 for $300 cash. d. signed a promissory note on february 4, payable in two years; deposited $10,000 in the company's bank account. e. on february 5, paid cash to buy equipment for $2,500 and land for $7,500. f. placed an advertisement in the local paper on february 6 for $425 cash. g. recorded sales on february 7 totaling $1,800; $1,525 was in cash and the rest on accounts receivable. h. collected accounts receivable of $50 from customers on february 8. i. on february 9, repaired one of the computers for $120 cash. tip: most repairs involve costs that do not provide additional future economic benefits. j. incurred and paid employee wages on february 28 of $420.required: set up appropriate t-accounts for cash, accounts receivable, supplies, prepaid rent, equipment, furniture and fixtures, notes payable, contributed capital, service revenue, advertising expense, wages expense, and repair expense. all accounts begin with zero balances.tip: when preparing the t-accounts, you might find it useful to group them by type: assets, liabilities, stockholders’ equity, revenues, and expenses.2. record in t-accounts the effects of each transaction in february, referencing each transaction in the accounts with the transaction letter. show the unadjusted ending balances in the t-accounts. 3. prepare an unadjusted trial balance at the end of february.4. refer to the revenues and expenses shown on the unadjusted trial balance. based on this information, write a short memo offering your opinion on the results of operations during the first month of business.
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The following balance sheet for the los gatos corporation was prepared by a recently hired accountant. in reviewing the statement you notice several errors. los gatos corporation balance sheet at december 31, 2018 assets cash $ 44,000 accounts receivable 86,000 inventories 57,000 machinery (net) 122,000 franchise (net) 32,000 total assets $ 341,000 liabilities and shareholders' equity accounts payable $ 54,000 allowance for uncollectible accounts 7,000 note payable 59,000 bonds payable 112,000 shareholders' equity 109,000 total liabilities and shareholders' equity $ 341,000 additional information: cash includes a $22,000 restricted amount to be used for repayment of the bonds payable in 2022. the cost of the machinery is $194,000. accounts receivable includes a $22,000 note receivable from a customer due in 2021. the note payable includes accrued interest of $7,000. principal and interest are both due on february 1, 2019. the company began operations in 2013. income less dividends since inception of the company totals $37,000. 52,000 shares of no par common stock were issued in 2013. 200,000 shares are authorized. required: prepare a corrected, classified balance sheet. (amounts to be deducted should be indicated by a minus sign.)
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He following table contains the demand from the last 10 months: month actual demand 1 31 2 34 3 35 4 39 5 40 6 45 7 45 8 47 9 43 10 44 a. calculate the single exponential smoothing forecast for these data using an î± of 0.30 and an initial forecast (f1) of 31. (round your intermediate calculations and answers to 2 decimal places.) month exponential smoothing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 b. calculate the exponential smoothing with trend forecast for these data using an î± of 0.30, a î´ of 0.30, an initial trend forecast (t1) of 1.00, and an initial exponentially smoothed forecast (f1) of 30. (round your intermediate calculations and answers to 2 decimal places.) month fitt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 c-1. calculate the mean absolute deviation (mad) for the last nine months of forecasts. (round your intermediate calculations and answers to 2 decimal places.) mad single exponential smoothing forecast exponential smoothing with trend forecast c-2. which is best? exponential smoothing with trend forecast single exponential smoothing forecast
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5. if you were to take a typical payday loan for $150, with an interest rate of 24.5% due in full after two weeks, what is the total amount you would have to repay? a. $186.75 b. $174.50 c. $157.33 d. $153.67
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