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Annabel is an information specialist. last year her boss evaluated her with an essay appraisal. she and several of her coworkers were so dissatisfied with the general and qualitative nature of the process that they requested a change. this year he wrote about several key behaviors that she exhibited throughout the year that were very important for her job performance. for instance, he described how she spent extra time evaluating network security protocol options. what appraisal technique is he using?
a) graphic rating scale
b) bars
c) critical incident
d) checklist appraisal
e) essay appraisal

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Select the correct answer the smith family adopted a child. the adoption procedure took about three months, and the family incurred various expenses. will the smiths receive and financial benefit for the taxable year? a) they will not receive any financial benefit for adopting the child b) their income tax component will decrease c) they will receive childcare grants d) they will receive a tax credit for the cost borne for adopting the child e) they will receive several tax deductions
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Melissa is trying to decide between two digital cameras. camera 1: $250, 8 megapixel, 3โ€lcd, timer, no video camera 2: $350, 10 megapixel, 3โ€lcd, timer, video use the paced decision
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Which represents a shortage in the market? a market price is less than equilibrium price. b market price equals equilibrium price. c quantity supplied is greater than quantity demanded. d quantity supplied equals quantity demanded.
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Employees at a library check out books to patrons. books have an isbn and a name. the library sometimes has multiple copies of the same book. books have one or more authors. a patron is an individual who has an active (non-expired) library card. for each library card, we store the person's first and last names and their address. for each employee, we store their employee id, current salary, first and last name and their address. we also store the employee id of their current manager. each time we check out a book to a patron we need to store the date of the transaction, the employee who checked out the book to the patron, and the library card of the patron. some employees have library cards. if an employee patron turns in a book late, the fine that they pay is a percentage of their salary. some employees are authors who have library cardsโ€”they are allowed to check out as many books as they like.
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Annabel is an information specialist. last year her boss evaluated her with an essay appraisal. she...
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