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As of 2014, fischer corp. has $10 par, 4% preferred stock, 6,000 shares outstanding, and $1 par common stock with 38,000 shares outstanding. the preferred stock is cumulative and preferred stockholders last received a dividend in 2012.
if the company wants to distribute $3 per share to the common stockholders in 2014, what is the total amount of dividends that the company must pay in the current year?

a) $ 60,000

b) $118,800

c) $ 54,000

d) $114,000

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Electric providers like edison are an example of what specific type of monopoly
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Label each scenario with the term that best describes it. use the midpoint method when applicable. marcel duchamp was a famous artist prior to his death, and was known for his dada artwork, including works such as "soft toilet". all of his original sculptures and paintings go on sale. paul owns a tim horton's, a famous donut and coffee franchise. he is willing to sell as many maple glazed donuts as customers want at a price of $1.00 each, but he refuses to sell any donuts for any price lower than $1.00 . the price of facial tissues rises from $2.85 per box to $3.15 . as a result, p& g increases production from 15 million boxes to 25 million boxes of facial tissue. with the school semester starting for both high school and college, papermate chooses to increase production of pens from 38 million to 42 million after global prices of writing instruments increase from $1.90 a package to $2.10 a package. bright ideas increases its production of lightbulbs by 15% after a 400% increase in the price of fluorescent bulbs.labels: elastic supply; perfectly inelastic supply; perfectly elastic supply; inelastic supply; unit-elastic supply.
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Put each of them in order.(there's not just one answer)you are a young entrepreneur with a startup business. you now seek credit from the bank to expand it. what are the steps you will have to take? 1. you support your loanapplication with relevantdocuments.2. you fill out the loanapplication form at the bank3. you get an approval for theloan and the money isdisbursed to your businessaccount4. you use the credit tofurther your business plan.5. you have an interview withthe loan officer and youexplain your business plan.
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1.     regarding general guidelines for the preparation of successful soups, which of the following statements is true? a. thick soups made with starchy vegetables may thin during storage. b. soups should be seasoned throughout the cooking process. c. finish a cream soup well before serving it to moderate the flavor. d. consommΓ©s take quite a long time to cool. student answer: c    answer: incorrect
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