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Bosch is a german firm that manufactures home appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, and ranges. it competes with companies such as ge elite and lg. bosch is perceived as the class of the industry. bosch pursues a(n) .
1) focus
2) blue ocean
3) overall cost leadership
4) differentiation
5) middle-of-the-road

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White company has two departments, cutting and finishing. the company uses a job-order costing system and computes a predetermined overhead rate in each department. the cutting department bases its rate on machine-hours, and the finishing department bases its rate on direct labor-hours. at the beginning of the year, the company made the following estimates: department cutting finishing direct labor-hours 6,000 30,000 machine-hours 48,000 5,000 total fixed manufacturing overhead cost $ 264,000 $ 366,000 variable manufacturing overhead per machine-hour $ 2.00 " variable manufacturing overhead per direct labor-hour " $ 4.00 required: 1. compute the predetermined overhead rate for each department. 2. the job cost sheet for job 203, which was started and completed during the year, showed the following: department cutting finishing direct labor-hours 6 20 machine-hours 80 4 direct materials $ 500 $ 310 direct labor cost $ 108 $ 360 using the predetermined overhead rates that you computed in requirement (1), compute the total manufacturing cost assigned to job 203. 3. would you expect substantially different amounts of overhead cost to be assigned to some jobs if the company used a plantwide predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor-hours, rather than using departmental rates?
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Chance company had two operating divisions, one manufacturing farm equipment and the other office supplies. both divisions are considered separate components as defined by generally accepted accounting principles. the farm equipment component had been unprofitable, and on september 1, 2018, the company adopted a plan to sell the assets of the division. the actual sale was completed on december 15, 2018, at a price of $600,000. the book value of the division’s assets was $1,000,000, resulting in a before-tax loss of $400,000 on the sale. the division incurred a before-tax operating loss from operations of $130,000 from the beginning of the year through december 15. the income tax rate is 40%. chance’s after-tax income from its continuing operations is $350,000. required: prepare an income statement for 2018 beginning with income from continuing operations. include appropriate eps disclosures assuming that 100,000 shares of common stock were outstanding throughout the year. (amounts to be deducted should be indicated with a minus sign. round eps answers to 2 decimal places.)
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Nellie lumpkin, who suffered from dementia, was admitted to the picayune convalescent center, a nursing home. because of her mental condition, her daughter, beverly mcdaniel, signed the admissions agreement. it included a clause requiring the par- ties to submit any dispute to arbitration. after lumpkin left the center two years later, she filed a suit against picayune to recover damages for mistreatment and malpractice. [covenant health & rehabilitation of picayune, lp v. lumpkin, 23 so.2d 1092 (miss. app. 2009)] (see page 91.) 1. is it ethical for this dispute—involving negligent medical care, not a breach of a commercial contract—to be forced into arbitration? why or why not? discuss whether medical facilities should be able to impose arbitration when there is generally no bargaining over such terms.
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Susan is a 5th grade teacher and loves getting up every day and going to work to teach her students. this is an example of a. extrinsic value b. interests c. intrinsic value d. external value
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