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Brian is a salesperson for a payroll processing company. he has found that a few of his prospects raise objections even when it is clear that the solution he is presenting will work and is worth the price. the prospects feel comfortable with their current payroll processing systems, andare hesitant to adopt the new technique proposed by brian. in this scenario, which of the following is most likely a reason the prospects raise objections? a. the prospects lack information. b.the prospects fail to recognize a need. c.the prospects resist change. d.the prospects want to avoid the sales interview.

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Aprice ceiling is “binding” if the price ceiling is set below the equilibrium price. suppose that the equilibrium price is $5. if a price ceiling is set at $6, this will not affect the market in any way since $5 remains a legally allowable price (since $5 < $6). a price ceiling of $6 is called a “non-binding” price ceiling. on the other hand, if the price ceiling is set at $4, the price ceiling is “binding” because the natural equilibrium price is $5 but that is no longer allowed. what happens when there is a binding price ceiling? at a price below the equilibrium price, quantity demanded exceeds quantity supplied. there is a shortage. normally, price increases eliminate shortages by increasing quantity supplied and decreasing quantity demanded. in this case, however, price increases are not allowed past the price ceiling. we therefore predict that the observed market price will be right at the price ceiling and there will be a permanent shortage. the observed quantity bought and sold will be dictated by the quantity supplied at the price ceiling. although consumers would like to buy more, there are no more units for sale
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An emerging methodology to integrate the effort of the development team and the operations team to improve the functionality and security of applications is known as
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B. by how much does this increase the average (per capita) income if the u.s. population is $320 million? instructions: enter your response rounded to two decimal places.
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Which criteria for evaluating suppliers proposals might be used by
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Brian is a salesperson for a payroll processing company. he has found that a few of his prospects ra...
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