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Following are financial statement numbers and ratios for snap-on incorporated for the year ended december 28, 2016 (in millions).

if we expected revenue growth of 5% in the next year, what would projected revenue be for the year ended december 30, 2017?

nopat $ 590.4
noa 3,567.8
net operating profit margin (nopm) 15.9%
net operating asset turnover (noat) 1.04

hint: nopm = (nopat/sales) and noat =(sales/avg. noa)

a) $3,567.8 million
b) $3,551.0 million
c) $3,898.9 million
d) $3,713.2 million

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Following are financial statement numbers and ratios for snap-on incorporated for the year ended dec...
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