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Following the events of september 11, 2001, in which four airplanes crashed as a result of the presence of terrorists on those flights, the faa concluded that it needed to implement new procedures for airports and flights. the new procedures for security and flights took effect when the airports reopened five days later. why did the faa not need to go through the promulgation and public comment processes and time periods to have the new rules take effect?

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Propaganda with good intentions ensures good results
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Ethics refers to fundamental principles of right and wrong; ethical behavior is behavior that is consistent with those principles. hrm decisions should be ethical, but the evidence suggests that is not always the case. many ethical issues in the workplace involve hrm. in the context of ethical human resource management, hr managers must view employees as having basic rights. in this activity, you will look at the four principles for ethical behavior and the basic rights employees should expect in the work environment. hr managers must view employees as having basic rights, for such a view reflects ethical principles embodied in the u.s. constitution and bill of rights. organizations often face situations in which the rights of employees are affected. ethical, successful companies act according to four principles: emphasizing mutual benefits, employees assuming responsibility for the actions of the company, companies having a sense of purpose or vision that employees value, and emphasizing fairness.
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Many states create licensing requirements for a variety of professionals (such as lawyers and accountants) designed to restrict entry into their market by professionals from other states. this strategy limits growth strategies.
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If something happens to alter the quantity supplied at any given price, then we move along the fixed supply curve to a new quantity supplied. a. true b. false
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Following the events of september 11, 2001, in which four airplanes crashed as a result of the prese...
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