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Forrest company manufactures phone chargers and has a jit policy that ending inventory must equal 10% of the next month’s sales. it estimates that october’s actual ending inventory will consist of 40,000 units. november and december sales are estimated to be 400,000 and 350,000 units, respectively. compute the number of units to be produced that would appear on the company’s production budget for the month of november.

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Assume today is december 31, 2013. barrington industries expects that its 2014 after-tax operating income [ebit(1 – t)] will be $400 million and its 2014 depreciation expense will be $70 million. barrington's 2014 gross capital expenditures are expected to be $120 million and the change in its net operating working capital for 2014 will be $25 million. the firm's free cash flow is expected to grow at a constant rate of 4.5% annually. assume that its free cash flow occurs at the end of each year. the firm's weighted average cost of capital is 8.6%; the market value of the company's debt is $2.15 billion; and the company has 180 million shares of common stock outstanding. the firm has no preferred stock on its balance sheet and has no plans to use it for future capital budgeting projects. using the corporate valuation model, what should be the company's stock price today (december 31, 2013)? round your answer to the nearest cent. do not round intermediate calculations.
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Sonic corp. manufactures ski and snowboarding equipment. it has estimated that this year there will be substantial growth in its sales during the winter months. it approaches the bank for credit. what is the purpose of such credit known as? a. expansion b. inventory building c. debt management d. emergency maintenance
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The standard truck trailer is 48 feet long and 102 inches wide and is 9 feet tall from floor to ceiling. if the trailer has to fit under a 13 foot high bridge, what is the maximum height of the tires and the undercarriage
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The master manufacturing company has just announced a tender offer for its own common stock. master is offering to buy up to 100% of the company's stock at $20 per share contingent on at least 64% of the outstanding shares being tendered. after the announcement of the offer, the stock closed on the nyse up 2.50 at $18.75. a customer has 100 shares of master stock in his cash account. the customer tells you that he wishes to "cash out" his position. you should recommend that the customer:
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Forrest company manufactures phone chargers and has a jit policy that ending inventory must equal 10...
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