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Gerentology​ associates, a highly profitable​ company, is considering two growth​ strategies, one that will achieve sales growth of​ 20% in one​ year, and the other that will achieve​ 20% growth in​ sales, but over a 4-year time frame. assuming gerentology associates uses the percent of sales​ method, which of the following statements is​ true?
a. discretionary financing needed could be much less for the 4-year growth strategy due to retained earnings.
b. discretionary financing needed could be much greater for the slow growth strategy because interest charges will accumulate on the​ company's debt.
c. the asset balances at the end of 4 years for strategy two will be much greater than the asset balances required at the end of year one for strategy one.
d. discretionary financing needed will be much greater for the 4-year growth strategy.

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Gerentology​ associates, a highly profitable​ company, is considering two growth​ strategies, one th...
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