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Given a production possibilities curve for defense goods and nondefense goods, if a nation is producing at a point inside the production possibilities curve, then: *
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a. too many resources are being used for nondefense goods.
b. too many resources are being used for defense goods.
c. only new technology will increase the production of defense or nondefense goods.
d. it is possible to increase either good’s production without sacrificing production of the other.

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Last week, linda's commission check was $84. if she earns a 12.5% commission on sales, what were her total sales?
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Southwest airlines has a history of being able to retain its employees due to the atmosphere and culture of the company. employees have been known to dress up in costume on an airplane, engage in "games" with the passengers, and generally provide a fun atmosphere for traveling. while other airlines have low rates of customer satisfaction, southwest tends to maintain a high rating with its customers. recent gas price hikes have caused most airlines to charge for checked luggage and to fill every flight to its maximum, adding to the negative experience of airline travel. southwest keeps its costs low through several methods. for example, they do not serve meals on flights or provide pre-boarding passes. the typical flight is two hours or less and occurs between several selected cities rather than flying to practically anywhere in the country. southwest is known for its low fares, its dependability, and its on-time flights. discuss with your class what maintaining a culture of "fun" for the employees means to this company. what category do you think "employee retention" and "rising gas prices" fall into in southwest airlines' swot analysis? what does southwest's low fares, dependability, and its on-time flights represent in their strategic planning process/marketing plan? also address the strategic planning process and its relationship to the marketing plan. discuss the benefits of a swot analysis and its impact on the marketing function of an organization in your discussion.
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On january 1, 2017, fisher corporation purchased 40 percent (90,000 shares) of the common stock of bowden, inc. for $980,000 in cash and began to use the equity method for the investment. the price paid represented a $48,000 payment in excess of the book value of fisher's share of bowden's underlying net assets. fisher was willing to make this extra payment because of a recently developed patent held by bowden with a 15-year remaining life. all other assets were considered appropriately valued on bowden's books. bowden declares and pays a $90,000 cash dividend to its stockholders each year on september 15. bowden reported net income of $400,000 in 2017 and $348,000 in 2018. each income figure was earned evenly throughout its respective year. on july 1, 2018, fisher sold 10 percent (22,500 shares) of bowden's outstanding shares for $338,000 in cash. although it sold this interest, fisher maintained the ability to significantly influence bowden's decision-making process. prepare the journal entries for fisher for the years of 2017 and 2018. (if no entry is required for a transaction/event, select "no journal entry required" in the first account field. do not round intermediate calculations. round your final answers to the nearest whole dollar.)
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1.     regarding general guidelines for the preparation of successful soups, which of the following statements is true? a. thick soups made with starchy vegetables may thin during storage. b. soups should be seasoned throughout the cooking process. c. finish a cream soup well before serving it to moderate the flavor. d. consommés take quite a long time to cool. student answer: c    answer: incorrect
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