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Grace is an officer of a local bank that merges with a national bank, resulting in a change of ownership. she loses her job as a result of the merger, but she receives a cash settlement of $590,000 from her employer under her golden parachute. her average annual compensation for the past five tax years was $200,000. what are the tax consequences to grace and the bank of the $590,000 payment?

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Which of the following statements is correct? large corporations are taxed more favorably than sole proprietorships. corporate stockholders are exposed to unlimited liability. due to limited liability, unlimited lives, and ease of ownership transfer, the vast majority of u.s. businesses (in terms of number of businesses) are organized as corporations. most businesses (by number and total dollar sales) are organized as partnerships or proprietorships because it is easier to set up and operate in one of these forms rather than as a corporation. however, if the business gets very large, it becomes advantageous to convert to a corporation, mainly because corporations have important tax advantages over proprietorships and partnerships. most business (measured by dollar sales) is conducted by corporations in spite of large corporations’ often less favorable tax treatment, due to legal considerations related to ownership transfers and limited liability.
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Exercise 4-6 the following balances were taken from the books of alonzo corp. on december 31, 2017. interest revenue $86,000 accumulated depreciation—equipment $40,000 cash 51,000 accumulated depreciation—buildings 28,000 sales revenue 1,380,000 notes receivable 155,000 accounts receivable 150,000 selling expenses 194,000 prepaid insurance 20,000 accounts payable 170,000 sales returns and allowances 150,000 bonds payable 100,000 allowance for doubtful accounts 7,000 administrative and general expenses 97,000 sales discounts 45,000 accrued liabilities 32,000 land 100,000 interest expense 60,000 equipment 200,000 notes payable 100,000 buildings 140,000 loss from earthquake damage 150,000 cost of goods sold 621,000 common stock 500,000 retained earnings 21,000 assume the total effective tax rate on all items is 34%. prepare a multiple-step income statement; 100,000 shares of common stock were outstanding during the year. (round earnings per share to 2 decimal places, e.g. 1.48.)
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Which medium will best favor distinguishing hemolytic and non-hemoltic streptococci?
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As of december 31, 2010, does ida need to test the u.s. commercial building for recoverability under (1) u.s. gaap and (2) ifrs
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Grace is an officer of a local bank that merges with a national bank, resulting in a change of owner...
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