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Growers mart buys one hundred cases of berries from hilltop farms. the parties agree that the berries will be transported "f. o.b. hilltop farms" via refrigerated trucking company. refrigerated's truck and the berries are lost in a fire following an accident. the loss of the berries is suffered . all of the parties as tenants in common in equalmeasure. b. growers mart. c. hilltop farms. d. refrigerated trucking.

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Put each of them in order.(there's not just one answer)you are a young entrepreneur with a startup business. you now seek credit from the bank to expand it. what are the steps you will have to take? 1. you support your loanapplication with relevantdocuments.2. you fill out the loanapplication form at the bank3. you get an approval for theloan and the money isdisbursed to your businessaccount4. you use the credit tofurther your business plan.5. you have an interview withthe loan officer and youexplain your business plan.
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Luke and john share income and losses in a 2: 1 ratio after allowing for salaries of $48,000 to luke and $60,000 to john. net income for the partnership is $93,000. income should be divided as
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Propaganda with good intentions ensures good results
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Ann and jack have been partners for several years. their​ firm, a​ & j tax​ preparation, has been very​ successful, as the pair agree on most​ business-related questions. one​ disagreement, however, concerns the legal form of their business. for the past two​ years, ann has tried to convince jack to incorporate. she believes that there is no downside to incorporating and sees only benefits. jack strongly​ disagrees; he thinks that the business should remain a partnership forever. ​ first, take​ ann's side, and explain the positive side to incorporating the business. ​ next, take​ jack's side, and state the advantages to remaining a partnership. ​ lastly, what information would you want if you were asked to make the decision for ann and​ jack? which of the following statements are the advantages of a partnership compared to a​ corporation? ​(choose all that​ apply.) a. less expensive to organize. b. ownership is readily transferable. c. lower income taxes. d. owners have limited liability. e. long life of firm.
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Growers mart buys one hundred cases of berries from hilltop farms. the parties agree that the berrie...
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