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Handsome rob provides transportation services in several western states. rob has payroll as follows: handsome rob’s payroll: state payroll arizona $ 350,512 california $ 1,134,589 nevada $ 849,142 washington $ 323,032 totals $ 2,657,275 what is handsome rob's total sales and use tax liability?

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When an interest-bearing note comes due and is uncollectible, the journal entry includes debiting
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Journalize the following transactions that occurred in september 2015 for aquamarines. no explanations are needed. identify each accounts payable and accounts receivable with the vendor or customer name. sep. 3 purchased merchandise inventory on account from shallin wholesalers, $5,000. terms 1/15, n/eom, fob shipping point. 4 paid freight bill of $80 on september 3 purchase. 4 purchased merchandise inventory for cash of $1,700. 6 returned $500 of inventory from september 3 purchase. 8 sold merchandise inventory to hermosa company, $6,000, on account. terms 2/15, n/35. cost of goods, $2,640. 9 purchased merchandise inventory on account from thomas wholesalers, $8,000. terms 2/10, n/30, fob destination. 10 made payment to shallin wholesalers for goods purchased on september 3, less return and discount. 12 received payment from hermosa company, less discount. 13 after negotiations, received a $200 allowance from thomas wholesalers. 15 sold merchandise inventory to jordan company, $2,500, on account. terms 1/10, n/eom. cost of goods, $1,050. 22 made payment, less allowance, to thomas wholesalers for goods purchased on september 9. 23 jordan company returned $400 of the merchandise sold on september 15. cost of goods, $160. 25 sold merchandise inventory to smithsons for $1,100 on account that cost $400. terms of 2/10, n/30 were offered, fob shipping point. as a courtesy to smithsons, $75 of freight was added to the invoice for which cash was paid by aquamarines. 26 after negotiations, granted a $100 allowance to smithsons for merchandise purchased on september 25. 29 received payment from smithsons, less allowance and discount. 30 received payment from jordan company, less return.
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An electrical utility is experiencing a sharp power demand that continues to grow at a high rate in a certain local area. two alternatives are under consideration. each is designed to provide enough capacity during the next 25​ years, and both will consume the same amount of​ fuel, so fuel cost is not considered in the analysis. bullet alternative a. increase the generating capacity now so that the ultimate demand can be met without additional expenditures later. an investment of ​$34 million would be​ required, and it is estimated that this plant facility would be in service for 25 years and have a salvage value of ​$0.9 million. the annual operating and maintenance costs​ (including income​ taxes) would be ​$0.4 million. bullet alternative b. spend ​$11 million now and follow this expenditure with future additions during the 10th year and the 15th year. these additions would cost ​$14 million and ​$8 ​million, respectively. the facility would be sold 25 years from now with a salvage value of ​$1.5 million. the annual operating and maintenance costs​ (including income​ taxes) will be ​$250 comma 000 initially and will increase to ​$0.35 million after the second addition​ (from the 11th year to the 15th​ year) and to ​$0.45 million during the final 10 years.​ (assume that these costs begin one year subsequent to the actual​ addition.) on the basis of the​ present-worth criterion, if the firm uses 17​% as a​ marr, which alternative should be​ undertaken?
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If mona elects to use special depreciation for the new fence, what is her net profit or loss on the rental house
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