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Holding other factors fixed, what is the estimated percent increase in nominal wage for a male with 12 years of education? propose a regression to obtain a confidence interval for this estimate.

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Josie just bought her first fish tank a 36 -gallon glass aquarium, which she’s been saving up for almost a year to buy. for josie, the fish tank is most likely what type of purchase
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What is the definition of an entrepreneur
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Match the tasks with the professionals who do them. calculate the weight and volume of cargo. negotiate contracts with suppliers. track shipments to make sure that they arrive on time. file paperwork according to a filing system in the office. type data into software to be used by the company. attend conferences and trade shows to find new products.
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Let's consider a hypothetical airline, mudlarks airlines. on one of its flights, precious records show that about 15% of people who had tickets for the flights did not take the flight. there are 120 seats on the plane. 1. how many tickets should mudlarks airlines sell for this flight? 2. as an added consideration, suppose that tickets on this flight cost a flat rate of $250. in addition, mudlarks airlines must give any traveler who purchased a seat for the flight, but who cannot travel due to overbooking, a $400 certificate for their trouble. does this change your answer in question one? now, suppose that mudlarks airlines forms a partnership itch another airline, puffin air. their agreement allocates 100 seats on the flight to mudlarks airlines and another 20 seats to puffin air. the 2 airlines sell tickets for the flight independently of each other. 3. assuming the same 15% no show percent for each airline, how many tickets should each sell?
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Holding other factors fixed, what is the estimated percent increase in nominal wage for a male with...
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