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Mr.​ seider, a shareholder in the greenfield​ corporation, owns 9 comma 000 shares of their common​ stock, which represents 32​% of the outstanding common stock of greenfield corporation. mr. seider receives a 10​% stock dividend. after the stock​ dividend, what is mr.​ seider's ownership in greenfield​ corporation's common​ stock?

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Do you think it ethical and appropriate for marshall to have used himself as a test subject and swallowed a sample of helicobacter pylori? what precautions did he take? would you do it? why or why not?
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Afirm has sales of $1.9 million, and 15 percent of the sales are for cash. the year-end accounts receivable balance is $180,000. what is the average collection period?
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In the past, peter kelle's tire dealership in baton rouge sold an average of 1,200 radials each year. in the past 2 years, 200 and 250, respectively were sold in fall, 360 and 300 in winter, 150 and 175 in spring, and 320 and 645 in summer. with a major expansion planned, kelle projects sales next year to increase to 1,400 radials. based on next year's projected sales, the demand for each season is going to be
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Moving water around the san diablo dam has electricity generating turbines on a chute that connects lower and upper reservoirs. during the day, water is drained from the upper reservoir to the lower to produce electricity. but at night, electricity is used to pump the water back up to the upper reservoir. since the water is just going back and forth, how can wealth be generated?
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Mr.​ seider, a shareholder in the greenfield​ corporation, owns 9 comma 000 shares of their common​...
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