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On october 1, 2019, priscilla purchased a business. of the purchase price, $60,000 is allocated to a patent and $375,000 to goodwill. if required, round your answer to the nearest dollar. the 2019 § 197 amortization deduction is:

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Andrew cooper decides to become a part owner of a corporation. as a part owner, he expects to receive a profit as payment because he has assumed the risk of - serious inflation eroding the purchasing power of his investment.- being paid before the suppliers and employees are paid.- losing his home, car, and life savings.- losing the money he has invested in the corporation and not receiving profits.- the company giving all of the profits to local communities
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Consider a small island country whose only industry is weaving. the following table shows information about the small economy in two different years. complete the table by calculating physical capital per worker as well as labor productivity. hint: recall that productivity is defined as the amount of goods and services a worker can produce per hour. in this problem, measure productivity as the quantity of goods per hour of labor. year physical capital labor force physical capital per worker labor hours output labor productivity (looms) (workers) (looms) (hours) (garments) (garments per hour of labor) 2024 160 40 1,800 14,400 2025 180 60 3,900 23,400
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Ff& t corporation is a confectionery wholesaler that frequently buys and sells securities to meet various investment objectives. the following selected transactions relate to ff& t's investment activities during the last two months of 2018. at november 1, ff& t held $30 million of 25-year, 10% bonds of convenience, inc., purchased may 1, 2018, at face value. management has the positive intent and ability to hold the bonds until maturity. ff& t's fiscal year ends on december 31. nov. 1 received semiannual interest of $1.5 million from the convenience, inc., bonds. dec. 1 purchased 16% bonds of facsimile enterprises at their $15 million face value, to be held until they mature in 2024. semiannual interest is payable may 31 and november 30. 31 purchased u.s. treasury bills to be held until they mature in two months for $10.0 million. 31 recorded any necessary adjusting entry(s) relating to the investments. the fair values of the investments at december 31 were: convenience bonds $ 26.5 million facsimile enterprises bonds 15.9 million u.s. treasury bills 10.0 millionrequired: prepare the appropriate journal entry for each transaction or event.
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What could cause a production possibilities curve to move down and to the left? a.) a nation loses land after being defeated in a war. b.) an increase in the use of computer technology speeds up production c.) a baby boom 20 years ago results in a large number of young adults in the population today. d.) thousands of investors from overseas invest money in a nations economy.
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On october 1, 2019, priscilla purchased a business. of the purchase price, $60,000 is allocated to a...
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