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Pacific charter company offers to provide an air-conditioned bus to quincy's tour group for $1,500 plus the cost of the fuel.
the mailbox rule applies if quincy accepts the offer by :

a. e-mail.

b. phone.

c. regular mail.

d. any of the choices.

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Danny "dimes" donahue is a neighborhood's 9-year-old entrepreneur. his most recent venture is selling homemade brownies that he bakes himself. at a price of $2 each, he sells 100. at a price of $1.5 each, he sells 300. instructions: round your answer to 1 decimal place. a. what is the elasticity of demand? 3.50 Γ’Β± 0.1 . b. is demand elastic or inelastic over this price range? . c. if demand had the same elasticity for a price decline from $1.5 to $1 as it does for the decline from $2 to $1.5, would cutting the price from $1.5 to $1 increase or decrease danny's total revenue? .
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The federal act which provided over $7 billion to the epa to protect and promote "green" jobs and a healthier environment is the - national environmental policy act. - resource recovery act.- resource conservation and recovery act.- american recovery and reinvestment act. - clean air act.
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Sami poole recently graduated from an east coast university and has joined a small start-up based in new york city. one of his first assignments is to work collaboratively with other members of the marketing team to draft the marketing plan for the next fiscal year. sami is highly skilled in conducting secondary research and as an alumnus of his university; he continues to have complimentary access to the university's library resources. he's now realizing how important data analysis is to firms and is glad he took a marketing research course. sami is utilizing the library resources to uncover information about a variety of external factors that could provide opportunities or threats and is exploring such factors as competitive, economic, political, legal, regulatory, technological, and sociocultural. which section of the marketing plan would be most appropriate for the information that sami is obtaining through secondary market research? a) environmental analysis b) executive summary c) marketing objectives d) swot analysis
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Cash flows during the first year of operations for the harman-kardon consulting company were as follows: cash collected from customers, $385,000; cash paid for rent, $49,000; cash paid to employees for services rendered during the year, $129,000; cash paid for utilities, $59,000. in addition, you determine that customers owed the company $69,000 at the end of the year and no bad debts were anticipated. also, the company owed the gas and electric company $2,900 at year-end, and the rent payment was for a two-year period.
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Pacific charter company offers to provide an air-conditioned bus to quincy's tour group for $1,500 p...
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