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Reese contracts to sell her saucy pizza restaurant to titian. as part of the deal, reese agrees not to open a competing business within a hundred-mile radius for ten years. reese later sues titian, alleging that the agreement is illegal. to enforce the covenant not to compete, the court will most likely
a. award damages for reese’s complete compliance with the terms.
b. reform the contract to make the distance and time limits reasonable.
c. rescind the contract and require restitution.
d. order specific performance.

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On february 10, 2014, after issuance of its financial statements for 2013, higgins company entered into a financing agreement with cleveland bank, allowing higgins company to borrow up to $6,000,000 at any time through 2016. amounts borrowed under the agreement bear interest at 2% above the bank's prime interest rate and mature two years from the date of loan. higgins company presently has $2,250,000 of notes payable with star national bank maturing march 15, 2014. the company intends to borrow $3,750,000 under the agreement with cleveland and liquidate the notes payable to star national bank. the agreement with cleveland also requires higgins to maintain a working capital level of $9,000,000 and prohibits the payment of dividends on common stock without prior approval by cleveland bank. from the above information only, the total short-term debt of higgins company as of the december 31, 2013 balance sheet date is
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Reese contracts to sell her saucy pizza restaurant to titian. as part of the deal, reese agrees not...
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