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The following data is given for the harry company:
budgeted production --26,000 units
actual production ,500 units
a) standard price/ounce $6.50
b) standard ouncese per completed unit 8
c) actual ounces purchased and used in production 228,000
d) actual price paid for materials $1,504,800
a) standard hourly rate $22 per hour
b) standard hours allowed per completed unit 6.6
c) actual labor hours worked 183,000
d) actual total labor costs $4,020,000
a) actual and budgeted fixed overhead $1,029,600
b) standard variable overhead rate $24.50 per standard labor hour
c) actual variable overhead costs $4,520,000
d) overhead is applied on standard labor hours.
the direct labor time variance is:
a) 6,000 favorable
b) 6,000 unfavorable
c) 33,000 unfavorable
d) 33,000 favorable

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The following data is given for the harry company:
budgeted production --26,000 units
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