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The majority of the customers (~80%) of rolls royce are entrepreneurs, people who are running their own businesses, and these are mainly self-generated rather than inherited money. what marketing strategy will theodore levitt suggest to rolls royce as t. levitt argues that modern transportation and communication technologies are facilitating the convergence of certain tastes and preferences among consumers? ?
a. standardized marketing strategy
b. diversified marketing strategy
c. segmented marketing strategy
d. local marketing strategy

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Ida sidha karya company is a family-owned company located on the island of bali in indonesia. the company produces a handcrafted balinese musical instrument called a gamelan that is similar to a xylophone. the gamelans are sold for $860. selected data for the company’s operations last year follow: units in beginning inventory 0 units produced 320 units sold 285 units in ending inventory 35 variable costs per unit: direct materials $ 135 direct labor $ 355 variable manufacturing overhead $ 30 variable selling and administrative $ 15 fixed costs: fixed manufacturing overhead $ 64,000 fixed selling and administrative $ 27,000 the absorption costing income statement prepared by the company’s accountant for last year appears below: sales $ 245,100 cost of goods sold 205,200 gross margin 39,900 selling and administrative expense 31,275 net operating income $ 8,625 required: 1. under absorption costing, how much fixed manufacturing overhead cost is included in the company's inventory at the end of last year? 2. prepare an income statement for last year using variable costing. what is the amount of the difference in net operating income between the two costing methods?
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Darlene has a balance of 3980 on a credit card with an apr of 22.8% paying off her balance and which of these lengths of time will result in her paying the least amount of interest?
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Almeda products, inc., uses a job-order costing system. the company's inventory balances on april 1, the start of its fiscal year, were as follows:
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You have $5,300 to deposit. regency bank offers 6 percent per year compounded monthly (.5 percent per month), while king bank offers 6 percent but will only compounded annually. how much will your investment be worth in 17 years at each bank
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The majority of the customers (~80%) of rolls royce are entrepreneurs, people who are running their...
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