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This amendment tells us that the presence of the list of freedoms doesn't mean "if it's not written here, you don't have the right." americans have other freedoms than those in the bill of rights.

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Bait and tackle has taxable income of $411,562. how much does it owe in taxes? $128,603.33 $134,611.27 $138,542.79 $139,931.08 $141,354.82
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Detecting unusual numbers or outliers in a data set is important in many disciplines, because the outliers identify interesting phenomena, extreme events, or invalid experimental results. a simple method to check if a data value is an outlier is to see if the value is a significant number of standard deviations away from the mean of the data set.
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Long-distance providers are becoming increasingly concerned about certain activities within their industry. various companies come together voluntarily to implement new standards of social responsibility that members must abide by. what seems to be the primary motivation in this case for an increased interest in social responsibility? - because corporations are creations of society, they are responsible for giving back to the communities in which they operate.- these companies have realized it is in their best interest to increase their social responsibility before they are once again subject to stricter regulations.- these companies are using social responsibility as a means to increase their profitability, both short term and long term.- long-distance providers have started taking pride in their industry and its record for social responsibility.- they feel a responsibility to their stockholders, employees, the government, investors, and society as a whole.
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3. describe the purpose of the sec. (1-4 sentences. 2.0 points)
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This amendment tells us that the presence of the list of freedoms doesn't mean "if it's not written...
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