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You are the director of marketing for a nationwide chain of stores. sales are flat, and something must be done quickly to restore shareholders’ faith in the company. you need to discuss marketing strategies with the district managers for all of the regions in the chain as soon as possible. how can you communicate with all of them efficiently?
you should use:
a. technology and competition continue to accelerate the pace of business; thus, business writers switch to increasingly faster means of communication.
b. consider the following scenario, and determine if a faster communication channel would be more appropriate.
c. marjan is working on a team completing a recommendations report. she has gathered and sorted.

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Island novelties, inc., of palau makes two products—hawaiian fantasy and tahitian joy. each product's selling price, variable expense per unit and annual sales volume are as follows:
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Needs to schedule the staffing of the center. it is open from 8am until midnight. larry has monitored the usage of the center at various times of the day and determined that the following number of computer consultants are required: time of dayminimum number of consultants required to be on duty8 am-noon4noon-4 pm84pm-8pm108pm-midnight6 two types of computer consultants can be hired: full-time and part-time. the full- time consultants work for eight consecutive hours in any of the shifts: morning (8am- 4pm), afternoon (noon-8pm) and evening (4pm-midnight). full-time consultants are paid $14 per hour. part-time consultants can be hired to work any of the four shifts listed in the table. part-time consultants are paid $12 per hour. an additional requirement is that during every time period, there must be at least two full-time consultants on duty for every part-time consultant on duty. larry would like to determine how many full-time and part-time consultants should work each shift to meet the above requirements at the minimum possible cost. formulate this as an lp problem. you must define your variables clearly
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Why does an organization prepare a balance sheet? a. to reveal what the organization owns and owes at a point in time b. to reveal how well the company utilizes its cash c. to calculate retained earnings for a given accounting period d. to calculate gross profit for a given accounting period
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Three years ago, the city of recker committed to build a park and music venue by the river. it was expected to cost $2.5 million and be paid for from an additional meals tax in the community. the residents pushed back. local restaurants suffered as people ate out less or patronized restaurants in neighboring communities. the project has stalled, but the town council kept pushing it on. this spring, a flood devastated the venue. the town council appears to have suffered from bias
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