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What category do the majority of elements fall into?

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What is the correct term for living the most sustainable life you can within your current circumstances?
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In apex! a liquid heated beyond a certain temperature becomes
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To find the enthalpy of a reaction in the lab, you measured the of the reactants and the change during the reaction.
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Why do the strengths of london (dispersion) forces generally increase with increasing molecular size? choose one: a. heavier atoms have stronger attractions for each other than lighter atoms. b. dispersion forces are all equal in magnitude; there is no size dependence. c. dispersion forces arise from the attraction between the nuclei of atoms, and larger molecules have larger nuclei. d. dispersion forces arise from dipoles caused by the electron distribution being distorted. larger molecules have more electrons and, therefore, more distortions and a bigger force. e. dispersion forces depend on distance. larger molecules are farther apart and so the forces are smaller.
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What category do the majority of elements fall into?...
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