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What is the chemical name of burning**#

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The atomic number, or number, is the described as the number of in the nucleus of an chemical element.
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Substance 33°f 100°f peanut oil solid liquid margarine solid liquid chocolate chips solid liquid which conclusion fits the data in the table? a. heat chemically changes chocolate and margarine. b. all solids become liquid at 100°f. c. removing heat from a substance it to melt. d. matter may change shape when it is heated.
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Which of the following is an example of how telecommunication devices people do their jobs? a.) a security guard checks the time using a digital watch. b.) a banker does some quick math using a solar calculator. c.) a nurse uses a digital thermometer to take a patient’s temperature. d.) a construction worker reports in to his office using a cell phone.
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+= + + balance the equation on coefficients, ex. 1,1,1
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What is the chemical name of burning**#...
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