programming exercise 5.5

in convert. py, define a function named reptodecimal that expects two arguments, a string, and an integer. the second argument should be the base. for example, reptodecimal("10", 8) returns 8, whereas reptodecimal("10", 16) returns 16.

the function should use a lookup table to find the value of any digit. make sure that this table (it is actually a dictionary) is initialized before the function is defined.

for its keys, use the 10 decimal digits (all strings) and the letters a . . f (all uppercase). the value stored with each key should be the integer that the digit represents. (the letter a associates with the integer value 10, and so on.)

the main loop of the function should convert each digit to uppercase, look up its value in the table, and use this value in the computation.

include a main function that tests the conversion function with numbers in several bases.

an example of main and correct output is shown below:

def main():
print(reptodecimal('10', 10))
print(reptodecimal('10', 8))
print(reptodecimal('10', 2))
print(reptodecimal('10', 16))

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programming exercise 5.5

in convert. py, define a function named re...
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