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Should i buy a 2070 super or 2060 super

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Write a program in plp assembly that counts up by one starting from zero (or one) inside a loop and writes this value to the leds every time the value is increased. the memory address of the leds is 0xf0200000. the table below shows the meaning and an example usage of the instructions covered in the video, plp instructions for project 1. instruction example usage meaning load immediate li $t0, 8 register $t0 is set to the value, 8. store word sw $t2, 0($t1) the value in register $t1 is used as the memory address. the value in register $t2 is copied into this memory address. add addiu $t4, $t3, 29 register $t4 is assigned the sum of 29 and the value in register $t3. jump j your_label_name the program jumps to the line following the label, "your_label_name: ". label your label name: defines a label called "your_label_name: " that can be jumped to
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What multimedia system creates an immersive, real-life experience that the user can interact with?
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To move a file or folder in microsoft windows, you can click and hold down the left mouse button while moving your mouse pointer to the location you want the file or folder to be, which is also known as.
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Worth 50 points answer them bc i am not sure if i am wrong
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Should i buy a 2070 super or 2060 super...
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