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Write a program that creates an array of 5 patientaccount objects.

main program: (35%)

the program should ask the user to select an account number from 0 – 5 or -1 to exit the program.

after selecting an account number, the user should be presented with the following menu options:

enter 1 to select the type of surgery performed
choices are liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck
enter 2 calculate and display the patient account balance
enter 3 display the patient summary report
enter 99 to exit to the main menu to select another account number
when creating each patientaccount object, make sure that each object is initialized in both the default and overloaded constructor functions with the following guidelines:

use the static data member to initialize the patientid. patient id must be initialized with multiples of 100 starting with 100. (5%)
the starting balance of each patientaccount object should be created from a random number generator function returning values between 100.00 and 2000.00. (5%)
use: enum surgerytype {liposuction, nose_reshaping, eyelid_surgery, tummy_tuck}; (5%)
the cost of surgery types is as follows:
liposuction = $2,500.00
nose reshaping = $6,000.00
eyelid surgery = $2,450.00
tummy tuck = $12,900.00

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Write a program that creates an array of 5 patientaccount objects.

main program: (35%)...
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