Write a static method, getbigwords, that gets a single string parameter and returns an array whose elements are the words in the parameter that contain more than 5 letters. (a word is defined as a contiguous sequence of letters.)

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David wants to determine what his organization to do in the future and set up project targets which management functions can david use for this david can use the blank function of management
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Within the context of the european union (eu) data protection law, what is a data processor? a. the entity that processes personal data on behalf of the data controllerb. the entity that controls processing of datac. the computing system that processes datad. the network that processes data
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Jaina and tomas are being considered as new tenants in an apartment. the landlord looks at their creditworthiness because he wants to be sure his new tenant pays the rent on time and in full. the table below summarizes the information that was on their applications. application information questions jaina tomas how many years have you had your job? 5 2 what is your monthly salary? $1,850 $2,500 how many credit cards do you have? 4 1 how much debt do you have? $13,000 $7,000 how many times were you late with payments on credit cards in the past year? 5 1 who will the landlord decide to be more creditworthy and why? tomas because the ratio of his debt to income is less. jaina because she has had her job longer, which makes her look more stable. jaina because she has more credit cards available to her. tomas because he makes more money per month.
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To become an audio technician, the most successful tactics might include the following. (select all that apply). learning how to persuade other people gaining different types of experience in audio technology learning as much as possible about art history establishing a reputation as a reliable professional
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Write a static method, getbigwords, that gets a single string parameter and returns an array whose e...
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