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You are a network technician for a small corporate network. you would like to take advantage of the self healing features provided by the small enterprise wireless solution you have implemented. you are already logged in as wxadmin on the wireless controller console from itadmin.
in this lab, your task is to perform the following:
• configure self healing on the wireless network.
o automatically adjust ap radio power to optimize coverage when interference is present.
o set 2.4ghz and 5ghz radio channels to use the background scanning method to adjust for interference.
• configure the background scanning needed for rogue device detection, ap locationing, and self healing. background scans should be performed on all radios every 30 seconds.
• configure load balancing for all radios by adjusting the threshold to 40db.
• configure band balancing to allow no more than 30% of clients to use the 2.4ghz radios.
• reduce the power levels to -3db for three access points in building a to reduce rf emanations. use the wireless survey results in the exhibit to identify the access points.
the amount to reduce tx power by is a judgment call based on the wireless survey results. in practice, you would repeat the wireless survey to verify the proper tx power settings.

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