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Capulet: Sir Paris, I will make a desperate tender Of my child's love: I think she will be rul'd In all respects by me; nay, more, I doubt it not. Wife go you to her ere you go to bed; Acquaint her here of my son Paris' love; And bid her, mark you me, on Wednesday next — But, soft! what day is this? Paris: Monday, my lord. Capulet: Monday! ha, ha! Well, Wednesday is too soon; O' Thursday let it be: o' Thursday, tell her, She shall be married to this noble earl. Will you be ready? do you like this haste? —Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare What new complication is introduced in this passage?
A) Capulet expects Juliet to marry Paris but does not know that she is already married to Romeo.
B) Juliet will not be able to marry Paris because she is in mourning for Tybalt.
C) Capulet wants Paris to avenge Tybalt’s death.
D) Capulet and his wife are fighting over Juliet’s marriage.

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Capulet: Sir Paris, I will make a desperate tender Of my child's love: I think she will be rul'd In...
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