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Debate on youth of today are to blame for not taking education seriously​

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In the section the deciding pitch what is the narrators point of view on how th pitcher feels about the upcoming event
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What does this quote mean to you? "music is the greatest communication in the world. even if people don't understand the language they still know good music when they hear it." - lou tawos
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The dragon wakes is a metaphor for a big event; what is the event how does moonshadows belief about dragons him understand what is happening
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Statistics show that internet usage in the united states has grown from just 41% of households in 2000 to 77% of households in 2010. which of the following best describes how online shopping has added to cultural diffusion in the united states? it encourages people to purchase more than they normally would. it makes news and information about products available in an easy-to-consume format. it has allowed large corporations to expand into new states, creating more jobs. it makes goods more accessible to people who might not normally be able to get them.
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Debate on youth of today are to blame for not taking education seriously​...
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