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Fictional writing, like the call of the wild , presents themes. nonfiction is also often organized by themes. just like a novel, the author usually does not state the theme. it is up to the audience to identify. speeches, one type of nonfiction, typically present a specific argument or idea supported with reasons and evidence. conduct an internet search to select a speech. this may be a speech from history, a political speech, or some other type of speech. as you listen to the speech, take notes of key concepts. then, write one to two paragraphs that answer the questions below. make sure you properly cite the source of the speech, following mla formatting guidelines. view the mla style guide. what is the main theme of the speech? what is the speaker's argument or idea? what reasons or evidence does the speaker use to support his or her argument or idea? do you think the reasons/evidence successfully support the idea? your response should be no less than 250 words in length.

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Fictional writing, like the call of the wild , presents themes. nonfiction is also often organized b...
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