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Gary has just read a monologue in which an arrogant character named franco confronts the play’s protagonist. franco challenges the protagonist and threatens to ruin her and her whole village. based on this description of what gary has read, what kind of character is franco?

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The book the sweet hereafter: in three or four paragraphs, compare and contrast the irony of nichole's reasons for lying to the court about the accident to another well-known character who lies that you have encountered in literature. which of these characters had a better reason to lie: your character or nichole? which of these characters got the outcome they hoped for when they told the lie? what does the irony in each story say about the nature of truth and lies? (note: some famous literary liars you might consider writing about are: elizabeth proctor or abigail williams from the crucible; odysseus from the odyssey; romeo from romeo and juliet; tom or daisy buchanan from the great gatsby; arthur dimmesdale from the scarlet letter; the narrator or marla singer from fight club; cyrano or christian from cyrano de bergerac; sheherazhad from arabian nights; huck finn from the adventures of huckleberry finn; pip from great expectations, or a liar of your choice from a book or play you have read/seen)
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Write an essay of at least 200 words that explains how this theme is developed through the events and character interactions in animal farm. use details from the story to support your answer.
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Who are the protagonists in the story "ali baba and the 40 thieves", and are they good guys?
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Wind blowing briskly leaves falling from the tree which best identifies the form of poetry represented by the stanza? 1.) free verse2.) iambic pentameter3.)sonnet4.) quatain
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Gary has just read a monologue in which an arrogant character named franco confronts the play’s prot...
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