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How do juliet’s parents contribute to the catastrophe in act iv, scenes iii-v of romeo and juliet?

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Checklist imagine that your local library has invited community members to submit proposals for a fundraiser. you are the student representative on the committee to choose the best proposal. read the two proposals, paying close attention to their similarities and differences. consider whether or not each proposal is logistically feasible, which fundraiser will most appeal to members of your community, and which fundraiser will likely raise more money. which proposal do you think the committee should choose? write an essay in which you make a case for your choice. support your argument with references to specific details in each proposal. proposal 1: the best way to get people invested in the library is to show them the joy of reading. for that reason, the library should hold a book sale. people could donate books that they no longer want, and the librarians could find books that the library no longer needs. volunteers would need to sort the books into categories and arrange them in an inviting way, like at a bookstore. books should be inexpensive so people will buy more of them – maybe fifty cents for paperbacks and two dollars for hardcover books. a book sale would appeal to people of all ages, from little kids to older people. there should also be a table where people can sign up for library cards. that way, if visitors do not find any books they want at the sale, they can come back to the library. proposal 2: a great way to make money for the library would be holding a car wash. the softball team at my school raised over $400 at their car wash last year! the car wash could be held in the library parking lot on a saturday morning. you could ask local high school students to volunteer to wash the cars. that would be a great way to get students involved with the library. it takes two or three volunteers to wash a car quickly, so you would need at least ten volunteers. you could charge around ten dollars per car. even people who are not very interested in reading like to have a clean car, so you would get a lot of people to stop by who might not otherwise come to a library fundraiser.
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How dose president reagans language change in paragraph 9?
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We must understand the connections between the climate crisis and the afflictions of poverty, hunger, hiv-aids, and other pandemics. as these problems are linked, so too must be their solutions. we must begin by making the common rescue of the global environment the central organizing principle of the world community. which statement best describes gore's use of evidence to support his argument? a. gore makes connections between events to support his argument that solutions to the climate crisis will also solve other problems. b. gore provides dramatic details to support his argument that solutions to problems of this magnitude are often rare. c. gore compares crises in the world to support his argument that the problem of climate change must take a backseat to other problems. d. gore describes positive outcomes to support his argument that people should remain optimistic about finding solutions to climate change.
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Is the group of words a simple sentence, a compound sentence, or a run-on sentence? jan went on a quiz show, won two hundred dollars, and bought gifts for her family. a. run-on sentence b. compound sentence c. simple sentence
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