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How does the author characterize scrooge in this chapter? cite at least one piece of evidence in your response.

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20 points and brainliest plz . 2 based on the initial facts of the case, make an inference or an educated guess as to who you believe is the person guilty of defacing the andrew wyeth painting. explain your reasoning. 3 what additional facts or clues did you gather in part 2 of the story? state at least three additional relevant facts or clues you learned in part 2 of the story. 4. why is mrs. williams clearly the guilty party in this case? what motivated her to ruin the wyeth painting? explain how the facts of the case led you to this final deduction.
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What point of view is expressed by judith sargent murray in her essay "on the equality of the sexes"? a- that men would benefit from women learning more about taking care of their homes b- that women's lives would be enriched if they had access to further education c- that children would progress further in school if their mothers studied with them d-that society would be more accepting of women who attended school
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Which words in this excerpt from the count of monte cristo can be used as synonyms to determine the meaning of the word grotto? dant? s entered the second grotto. the second grotto was lower and more gloomy than the first; the air that could only enter by the newly formed opening had the mephitic smell dant? s was surprised not to find in the outer cavern. he waited in order to allow pure air to displace the foul atmosphere, and then went on. 1. air 2. opening 3. mephitic 4. cavern 5. pure 6. atmosphere
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What is the most reliable method of research in lexicographery
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How does the author characterize scrooge in this chapter? cite at least one piece of evidence in yo...
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