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In three to four sentences, explain how to evalute the reliabilty of a health related website.

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Read the excerpt from muir's essay "calypso borealis" and answer the question. [5] how long i sat beside calypso i don't know. hunger and weariness vanished, and only after the sun was low in the west i splashed on through the swamp, strong and exhilarated as if never more to feel any mortal care. at length i saw maple woods on a hill and found a log house. i was gladly received. "where ha ye come fra? the swamp, that awfu' swamp. what were ye doin' there? " etc. "mony a puir body has been lost in that muckle, cauld, dreary bog and never been found." when i told her i had entered it in search of plants and had been in it all day, she wondered how plants could draw me to these awful places, and said, "it's god's mercy ye ever got out." examine the details muir includes in this paragraph. which statement accurately explains how muir's response to nature compares to the log house owner's response? he is enthusiastic and in awe while she is doubtful and fearful. muir cautiously admires whereas the lady shows religious dedication. the lady is more interested in the bog while muir is fascinated by plants. they both admire nature—its intense dangers and its true treasures.
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Focus question: miss maudie says, “atticus finch is the same in his house as he is in public” (61). what evidence so far proves this true?
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In the following sentence which word is abstract noun quincy insisted that each one of his teammate members demonstrate loyalty members team quincys loyalty
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Reread paragraph 4 what direct impact did the efforts of individuals like ava deer have
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