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the mystery of the box

"you have a good day son. don't get into any trouble," lou trump said as he patted his son joey's blonde head. "you too, dad," joey called out as his father set out for their farm. it was a hot day. the sun was shining brightly and the air was humid. all of joey's friends β€” rick, harry and jill β€”β€” were out on a camping trip while joey played alone at home. his father did not allow him to go for the camping trip because someone needed to be home to take care of mae, joey's five year old baby sister. joey's mother martha was visiting her sister catherine who had just delivered a baby boy. catherine lived in a town a few miles away and martha wasn't expected back home until the next day.
by noon joey had prepared a simple lunch for mae and tucked her into her bed for an afternoon nap. once the toddler was asleep, joey had nothing better to do. he missed his friends as he hated playing alone. he walked through the empty house aimlessly until he noticed something strange outside the kitchen door that led into the backyard. a three foot cardboard box wrapped in bubble wrap quivered in the wind. joey eyed the box curiously as he remembered that the box certainly wasn't there when he was preparing mae's lunch. he picked up the box which wasn't heavy. the label said "222b baker street." joey was puzzled. the last house on the street was 221b. so who was the box for? should he open it? was it intended for 221b? that was the house where the holmes lived. at one time joey used to be good friends with the holmes' son shane. shane was crazy about puzzles and they would spend hours trying to solve popular puzzles that were notoriously difficult to solve. once they had solved a real mystery as they old mrs. garland discover the identity of a prank caller.
with the box in his hand, joey looked longingly at the holmes's front porch. shane could him solve the mystery of the box. he wanted to knock on the door, but his father had instructed him not to be friends with the holmes any more. lou trump and chester holmes had a huge fight last month. since then the families were feuding like the montagues and capulets.
what is the best reason the author alludes to william shakespeare's romeo and juliet?
to show that joey had a personality similar to romeo's
to show that shane's family was very influential
to show that joey's family was very powerful
to show that the trumps and the holmes considered each other as enemies

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the mystery of the box

"you have a good day son. don't get into any...
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