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Read the sample letter. dear applicant, congratulations! your admission application was approved, and you have been accepted as a student at ridge community college. your acceptance indicates that your test scores met the college’s requirements and that many people believed in you. if you are entering as a first-year student, send your enrollment records from your former high school. if you are a transfer student, send the records from your former college. if you plan to attend, then register online. what is the purpose of this letter? to inform the student of admission status to compare one student to the other to entertain the student by telling a funny story to convince the student to enroll

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How does the author foreshadow trouble in the prison? support your answer with explicit textual evidence.
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For a second time there was no sign. again no bridegroom and the priest in the house. she could not remember any other sorrow because this grief whipped them all away. oh, no, there's nothing more cruel than this-ill never forgive it. she streched herself with a deep breath and blew out the light. which statement provides the best analysis of the passages symbolism?
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Read the excerpt from the land. of my brothers, i was closest with robert. i suppose, in part, being the same year's children made us close, but there were other things too. we had been together practically since birth, and we always took care of each other. when i got into trouble, robert was there to pull me out of it if he could, or at least to see me through it, and i did the same for him. the passage provides evidence of why paul and robert have physical conflicts. paul and robert avoid social conflicts. paul is the least influenced by robert. paul is motivated to ask robert for .
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In the following line, "so many crazed men, so much shouting, so much brutality, " what type of rhetorical feature is wiesel using to emphasize the image?
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Read the sample letter. dear applicant, congratulations! your admission application was approved, a...
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