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Source: momaday, n. scott. “simile.”  the language of literature. new york: mcdougal littell, 2006. 265. print.
which statement about the poem is false

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9. types of literature that are told from a point of view include autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, and journals.
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Read the excerpt from the odyssey. then, throwing his arms around this marvel of a father telemachus began to weep. salt tears rose from the wells of longing in both men, and cries burst from both as keen and fluttering as those of the great taloned hawk, whose nestings farmers take before they fly this excerpt is an example of which value important to ancient greek society? hospitality generosity perseverance family ties
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Excerpt from the rainbow, chapter x (excerpt) d. h. lawrence then there was an outcry. mrs. brangwen would not have it; no, she would not. all her innate dignity and standoffishness rose up. then there was the vicar lecturing the school. "it was a sad thing that the boys of cossethay could not behave more like gentlemen to the girls of cossethay. indeed, what kind of boy was it that should set upon a girl, and kick her, and beat her, and tear her pinafore? that boy deserved severe castigation, and the name of coward, for no boy who was not a coward—etc., etc." from the textual evidence provided in this paragraph, what conclusions can the reader draw regarding the vicar? a) he favors boys over girls. b) he has no strong feelings. c) he supports mrs. brangwen's perspective entirely. d) he tends to be indulgent towards children's misbehavior.
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Read the excerpt from the conclusion of the letter to the editor. we need to urge our city planners to say goodbye to the urban sprawl that has engulfed our nation like a tidal wave in the last few decades, and instead build more traditional mixed-use neighborhoods that were once the building blocks of city infrastructure in our nation. as the authors of suburban nation wrote: "we shape our cities and then our cities shape us. the choice is ours whether we build subdivisions that debase the human spirit or neighborhoods that nurture sociability and bring out the best in our nature. which rhetorical device does the letter writer use in this paragraph?
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Source: momaday, n. scott. “simile.”  the language of literature. new york: mcdougal littell,...
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